Monday, November 5, 2012

Searching for an Identity

“Who are you?”….*waits for an answer*
The hardest question to answer is always "Who are you?".
You don't think so? What would you usually answer the question with?
Most people would reply with their names.
I mean, think about it for a second. You’re talking to someone and they suddenly ask you “Who are you?”. (like I did, which in fact you gave me no answer to).
For a second, you are shocked. What can they be possibly asking? So you think,
“Ohh, my name... She must be asking for my name right?”
And there you go, you open your mouth and announce it for all the world to hear.
But what if this person already knows your name? Doesn’t that make it more confusing?
It makes you wonder, ‘My name isn’t enough, she wants to know more….but what?’
And because you have never thought about this question, you are at a lost for words.
Or maybe that’s just me…
Yeaa, I think its just me…
Nahh, I think its you too…Considering how you haven’t answered my question yet.
Anyways, you avoid the question because you don’t even know the answer.
“Who am i?”
“What does that question even mean?”
“Wow, this is really hard”
And while you think your heart into it, the other persons waiting…looking at you like you are a dunce. Or maybe just plain looking at you. Right.
Now you see where I’m coming from, that “Who are you?” is in fact the hardest question.
At this point you’re convinced. But chances are you’re stubborn like me and need more evidence.
You’re thinking,
 “Maybe this person just wants to know about me…yeaaa that’s it”
So you state your favorite color and your hobbies and whatever you think it is this person wants to know.
You haven’t answered the question. The question was “Who are you?” not, “What do I want to know?”
You see? Now you see where I’m coming from?
Why this is a hard question?…
Every time I get asked “Who are you?”
I realize that I never answer the question. Mostly because I don’t know the answer.
And like anyone, I would usually reply with my name.
“Who am I?”
I would really like to know. But this question can’t be answered with mere words.
Telling you my name might be the content answer that you’re looking for.
But it never leaves me content.
It keeps me wondering. How do I find what makes me, me?
How can I finally answer this question correctly?
 At this point you think I’m crazy and don’t know what I’m talking about.
Maybe you’re right. Maybe I need a break.
Maybe I need time to find out “Who I Am”
Well now I think it’s one of those hard questions that have very easy answers.
I’m ready now. Ask me again.
“Who are You?”
I am more than the words that fill my head.
I am more than that just a name.
World, I am Me


  1. Hey Presh, thanks very much for following my blog. You seem like a talented writer here - it seems no one is sure who they are in this world..

  2. You're welcome Ginger, and thank you for following mines. And i agree, no one really is sure.

  3. Dang it, now you've made me think. Wow. Oh god, I'm gonna go stare at the ceiling for a while trying to think about myself and not get distracted by the internet.


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