Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Some Rambling about Politics

Today's the day! The day we've all been waiting for (or at least all of America)...Ladies and Gentlemens, may i present...Election Day!! Today the anticipation is great. Two presidential candidates compete, who will win??? Nobody knows. All across America, people are lined up at different polling places to vote all day. And the numbers are so close, you actually cannot predict who will win this year's election. Or maybe you can. When it seems as though Obama is winning, Romney suddenly gains in the polls. But before you know it, Obama's in the lead again and vice versa. Blah!

I'm not usually a fan of politics. Believe me. Like have you seen those commercials where candidates slander their opponent and some brag about how good they are. How good they are, Yea Right! More like, how good they are in making themselves look good when they're not. Ha!

" [insert opponent's name here] has promised [insert good things here], but he has done [insert secrets and bad things the opponent has done here]. Don't vote for [insert opponent here] because you deserve better,, vote me for [insert position here]...'im [insert name here] and i approve this message"

Messages like these. I don't like them. They're vile, trecherous, and they are the biggest lies you have ever seen.
Like come on. You would waste your time campaigning just to tell viewers that your opponent is horrible. How about use that time to talk about yourself and how you'll benefit to us.

Why do they do it? I mean how else would they win. If they told the truth, nobody would vote for them. Obviously. So they lie to you and do whatever to win. They have no choice basically. But what do i know, i don't like politics anyways.

So this is it!! After today we will know who our President is.
Are you excited???? Well, i am!!!

Who Will Win The Election of 2012??
Will it be Romney?  Or maybe Obama?

Reasons Why I think Obama might win

1) He has the majority of minority votes, ex: Blacks/Hispanics/Women

2) Obamacare

3) Youth Power: I think he's the first president that got us young people interested in politics. Like for example during the debates almost all my friends and peers were watching the debate. Even though we're not even old enough to vote. So as a result, more youth are voting this year (Not me, boohoo i'm too young to vote).

4) Just cuz (*crosses fingers*): I really don't want Romney to win.

5) He wants our troops back home. End of the war in Afghanistan, and the down of the war in Iraq

I don't know what to expect, all i know is alot of people will be dissapointed. I hope that isn't me. :(


  1. I'm excited about being a new follower, I've had many other blogs, but I started a new one, please check it out? follow if you like?
    You write great! I love your blog!
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    1. Thanks for reading my blog and for the compliment, and i'll check out your blog :)

  2. Even this much of interest in politics at ur age is good enough. I have heard that doesnt matter who wins the power lies in 'one hand'.....Maybe the mudslinging is to hide that fact.? I hope one of the things that happens is an end to leaving chemtrails that has been going on for decades now; under that 'one hand'


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