Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Some Rambling about Politics

Today's the day! The day we've all been waiting for (or at least all of America)...Ladies and Gentlemens, may i present...Election Day!! Today the anticipation is great. Two presidential candidates compete, who will win??? Nobody knows. All across America, people are lined up at different polling places to vote all day. And the numbers are so close, you actually cannot predict who will win this year's election. Or maybe you can. When it seems as though Obama is winning, Romney suddenly gains in the polls. But before you know it, Obama's in the lead again and vice versa. Blah!

I'm not usually a fan of politics. Believe me. Like have you seen those commercials where candidates slander their opponent and some brag about how good they are. How good they are, Yea Right! More like, how good they are in making themselves look good when they're not. Ha!

" [insert opponent's name here] has promised [insert good things here], but he has done [insert secrets and bad things the opponent has done here]. Don't vote for [insert opponent here] because you deserve better,, vote me for [insert position here]...'im [insert name here] and i approve this message"

Messages like these. I don't like them. They're vile, trecherous, and they are the biggest lies you have ever seen.
Like come on. You would waste your time campaigning just to tell viewers that your opponent is horrible. How about use that time to talk about yourself and how you'll benefit to us.

Why do they do it? I mean how else would they win. If they told the truth, nobody would vote for them. Obviously. So they lie to you and do whatever to win. They have no choice basically. But what do i know, i don't like politics anyways.

So this is it!! After today we will know who our President is.
Are you excited???? Well, i am!!!

Who Will Win The Election of 2012??
Will it be Romney?  Or maybe Obama?

Reasons Why I think Obama might win

1) He has the majority of minority votes, ex: Blacks/Hispanics/Women

2) Obamacare

3) Youth Power: I think he's the first president that got us young people interested in politics. Like for example during the debates almost all my friends and peers were watching the debate. Even though we're not even old enough to vote. So as a result, more youth are voting this year (Not me, boohoo i'm too young to vote).

4) Just cuz (*crosses fingers*): I really don't want Romney to win.

5) He wants our troops back home. End of the war in Afghanistan, and the down of the war in Iraq

I don't know what to expect, all i know is alot of people will be dissapointed. I hope that isn't me. :(

Monday, November 5, 2012

Searching for an Identity

“Who are you?”….*waits for an answer*
The hardest question to answer is always "Who are you?".
You don't think so? What would you usually answer the question with?
Most people would reply with their names.
I mean, think about it for a second. You’re talking to someone and they suddenly ask you “Who are you?”. (like I did, which in fact you gave me no answer to).
For a second, you are shocked. What can they be possibly asking? So you think,
“Ohh, my name... She must be asking for my name right?”
And there you go, you open your mouth and announce it for all the world to hear.
But what if this person already knows your name? Doesn’t that make it more confusing?
It makes you wonder, ‘My name isn’t enough, she wants to know more….but what?’
And because you have never thought about this question, you are at a lost for words.
Or maybe that’s just me…
Yeaa, I think its just me…
Nahh, I think its you too…Considering how you haven’t answered my question yet.
Anyways, you avoid the question because you don’t even know the answer.
“Who am i?”
“What does that question even mean?”
“Wow, this is really hard”
And while you think your heart into it, the other persons waiting…looking at you like you are a dunce. Or maybe just plain looking at you. Right.
Now you see where I’m coming from, that “Who are you?” is in fact the hardest question.
At this point you’re convinced. But chances are you’re stubborn like me and need more evidence.
You’re thinking,
 “Maybe this person just wants to know about me…yeaaa that’s it”
So you state your favorite color and your hobbies and whatever you think it is this person wants to know.
You haven’t answered the question. The question was “Who are you?” not, “What do I want to know?”
You see? Now you see where I’m coming from?
Why this is a hard question?…
Every time I get asked “Who are you?”
I realize that I never answer the question. Mostly because I don’t know the answer.
And like anyone, I would usually reply with my name.
“Who am I?”
I would really like to know. But this question can’t be answered with mere words.
Telling you my name might be the content answer that you’re looking for.
But it never leaves me content.
It keeps me wondering. How do I find what makes me, me?
How can I finally answer this question correctly?
 At this point you think I’m crazy and don’t know what I’m talking about.
Maybe you’re right. Maybe I need a break.
Maybe I need time to find out “Who I Am”
Well now I think it’s one of those hard questions that have very easy answers.
I’m ready now. Ask me again.
“Who are You?”
I am more than the words that fill my head.
I am more than that just a name.
World, I am Me

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old English Homework I Found Somewhere!!!

The time on the digital clock shows 5:00 am. Seconds later, the alarm clock begins its daily deafening wail. Struggling with my bed sheets, I try to go back to sleep. I hit the snooze button and fall head first into my pillow. Five minutes later, I reawake from the same earsplitting screech. This time, instead of hitting snooze, I jump out of bed. I groan as I realize that it’s another morning. “It’s time to get ready to go to school”.

After I leave the door into a world outside the comfort of my bed, it becomes a fight that I must win for that day. I must make sure I get to the subway on time, make sure I don’t miss my bus, and make sure I’m not late. The moment after I swipe into the building before I’m considered late, I am content. And as a result, my duty for the morning is considered complete.

When I was in middle school, I would wake up at 7:00 am, given that my school was only 15 minutes away. I had more time to sleep, and I dismissed at 2 pm. So, the afternoons were always mine. After finishing my homework, I would do whatever it was I desired. In my case it was reading. I always have a book on me. If you ever watched me in the hallways you would see me walking with my eyes glued on to the page (Which isn’t exactly safe. But I never actually bumped into anything or anyone before). I would read on the bus, on the train, every free time I have. Even now, despite the fact that I have homework, I would still read until I fell asleep. The most likely place you would find me is in a library checking out a huge pile of books. Reading is my hobby, and is one of my prime addictions following chocolate. I wouldn’t be satisfied until I had my daily intake of 5 books a day.

Transitioning into high school has been a somewhat exciting experience for me. I had always been a good student, but high school brings challenges that I had to learn to overcome. When it comes to school work, there were a lot of things that surprised me and a lot of things I had already anticipated. I had already predicted that high school would be more workload, more challenging and more diverse. But luckily for me it was actually slighter than my presumptions (Perhaps I assumed too much). My classes were not as hard as I imagined them to be. Even with a longer day, I seem to managed pretty well.  

Foreign Language is a class I really enjoy taking. For most people it causes distress and a lot take it for granted. But for me I pay close attention because Spanish is a language I really want to learn. I also love writing, but not as much as I love to read. I write poetry sometimes.

English for me can sometimes be distressing, but when I put my mind to it, it can be one of the best things ever. For example, I could have written this in the most monotone, boring composition ever. And not even bothered. But I chose to actually have fun writing this because it’s something I like doing. Like they always say, people who read a lot, write a lot.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This Is My Short Story

I wanted to write a scary short story. I hope you enjoy. Please comment with feedbacks or your thoughts.
Tall and haunting the building looked treacherous with the green moss growing from the dim red brick. It could have been standing there for decades lonely of human existence. Although it was afternoon the skies always looked as though it were twilight. This whole street looked barren with one building in the middle of it all. The building was named ‘The Old Vickens Place’ after it was uninhabited for a hundred years. The building was too unpleasant to look at. The steps creaked while being stepped on. All this and yet the boy was not afraid. He knocked on the dark brick door. Scraping his hand, he winced and drew back with his eyes closed. He turned around ready to leave. His friends had to pay him that dollar for doing something this scary. The door opened and an unknown hand with claws shot out and pulled him in from behind. He opened his eyes, drew in a breath, and then screamed.
He was taken into the attic. Petrified he stayed still not breathing. Before him was a creature. It was about nine feet tall with a fifteen feet wing span. It looked like a rat that had a black beak for a nose and razor sharp fangs. It was similar to a bat but larger and unusual. At the tip of its wings there were human like hands that had five feet long nails that were black. Its eyes were blood red. It opened its mouth to eat. When it screeched, the dead awoke.
Chapter 1: The Haunting
Even though it was 3 O’clock in the afternoon the skies looked very dark with white clouds covering the sun partially. It was early September and yet it was as cold as it was during the coldest winter. The house looked very old, like it was a century and a half. The dark red brick looked like it needed to be repainted. The moss made it look hideous. I was looking forward to a place to relax but to my dismay, this place made me more anxious than ever. If only I could have convince mom to move somewhere fairly warmer. Florida for instance for goodness sake but no, she wanted ‘a nice quiet house’.
I looked at the twins. They were my older stepbrother and stepsister who are older than me by two and a half years. As we took the steps to the attic, I winced because of the high pitched creep of the stairs. I kept looking at Kernel and Amy they were both sixteen but Kernel was older by only a couple of minutes. Kernel got his name from my mom’s favorite snack, popcorn. Amy was lucky enough not to be called popcorn. Their butter blond bangs covered their blue green eyes. They were lucky that their father had blond hair. I ended up with a different father and shared the same mother after she divorced her first husband. Yet I did not inherit green eyes from my mother but brown hair and brown eyes from my father who later died in a heart attack. After my father died I sort of got this physic power, I was able to sense something or danger coming and I got visions of either the past, present or future.
Once we got to the attic, Kernel broke the silence.
“Oh wow” he said sarcastically “This attic looks old and disgustingly scary”
“I know, it’s creepy” Amy commented, but to me she smirked and said “You better not get scared or any thing like that”
“What?” I said but I knew what she meant.
“She said cut it out with your annoying warnings, their stupid and nobody likes a party pooper, well not us by the way” Kernel butted in.
Why couldn’t he just mind his own business like any ordinary person? Oh yeah I forgot he isn’t an ordinary person, he gets on your nerves and on purpose too. He always had to stick on Amy’s side. I was already starting to get premonitions. I always do. I felt like this house was going to end up lonely again and by that I meant everyone dead. If I really wanted to, I could have run away. But then again I didn’t really care, anything seemed better than living with two idiots.
“Oh cool, Aim, check this out!” Kernel pointed.
“No” I screamed but then I stopped. I remembered Amy’s warning of how she was going to so called ‘beat me up’ and any way I didn’t care if anything happened to Kernel. Amy maybe because I just think Kernel is influencing her to behave like that. I couldn’t help myself and involuntary I screamed again for him to stop.
“Cut it out” Kernel said “or what will happen? I’ll get electrocuted? Puhlease”
Well, let’s say I warned him. Let’s just say he didn’t listen because what happened next had to be a miracle, well, for me any way.
“Looks like some kind of a-” Amy didn’t get to finish, she didn’t get to.
“Aaarrggghhh” Kernel screamed. Amy screamed then, a lot of bats started coming out. I saw a huge batlike silhouetted figure grab Kernel from behind. He shrieked and was pulled up through the roof. Amy started crying and screaming she ran for mom. I stayed there and weirdly I had no feelings at all.
Mom came almost immediately but her precious child was nowhere to be seen. Believe me, its not like I actually cared. I knew he wasn’t coming back and from experience with my past premonitions, like the time grandpa died, never ever look for the dead (especially snotty older stepbrothers) because it’ll turn around and haunt you. Well, for me at least. Anyway my premonitions were never wrong and I never did get along with Kernel. He would just make fun of me. Mom always said he was jealous, like anyone would be jealous of me when they’ve got eyes and hair like that! For all I care, Kernel was dead and Amy might be the next victim.
Chapter 2: Dead
Why were the police here, what was going on. I almost forgot, Kernel, he was dead.
“Now tell us everything, this time no lies” Mom asked with a panicky voice. I told her the same false story but she didn’t believe me. The police were fidgeting, maybe wondering if mom was crazy. I don’t blame them; I would think the same thing.
“You don’t even care that your brother was taken, how am I supposed to believe your story?” “Especially if it’s different from Amy’s” she said
“Oh! If I’m so wrong and Amy is so right, why don’t you just take her story” I shot at her “and anyway I didn’t choose to live here, Hawaii would have worked out for me, too bad”
Mom started crying, she just wanted me to side Amy so the police would believe us. I didn’t. Finally the police left, and then I just had some kind of a vision right after that.
I saw a boy who looked like Kernels age. Instead of blond hair, he had black hair and green eyes. He was at the front of the house being pulled inside screaming. Then I saw the puff angry black smoke through the chimney into the dark gray skies. The creature that took Kernel and the boy looked so vile, I fainted.
When I awoke, I was ninety-nine point nine percent sure I was not dreaming. Kernel wasn’t there and Amy and mom were crying. I looked around, I was at the hospital. Did I die? It sure looked like it. Only, it seemed impossible. How could I still exist? Was this supposed to happen? I looked down, only my body didn’t move. I was a ghost. The doctor told mom to bury me because I was dead. That should be very interesting. Amy was crying, I never seen her cry, unless you count the time when she broke her teeth by hitting her face on the tree.
I remembered my vision. I think I was taken like Kernel but differently, without going through the roof. They were going to bury me, what if I stopped them? A split second later after that thought, I saw Kernel’s ghost appear. He looked at me then my dead body in shock. To Amy and mom he said to them.
“You shouldn’t stay here anymore, I’m dead, but you don’t have to be”
I wanted to say I told you so to mom. I was floating in the air above the dead me trying to get attention. Only they didn’t see me. I wonder how Kernel done it. So I tried to touch my dead body. Instantly when my ghost and dead body touched, I started to transform. Brown wing started to sprout out. My feet slowly changed into talons. My hands grew bigger and grew 5 sharp and long nails on each finger. My face started to extend farther curving at the end like a beak. My teeth grew sharp and long. Then finally I saw red.
I grew hungry with each second and I had a craving for blood. My throat burned of temptation. Amy was right in front of me; I swooped down and lifted her in the air. Mom screamed trying to fight me away. I was faster and stronger. I took Amy to the roof.
There I saw three other creatures who looked a lot like me. I confirmed that one was Kernel and one was the boy in the vision. Now I was one of them. Amy looked up at me and screamed, then, I dug in.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012, We welcome you!!!

The new year is finally here! It's always the most tiring day of the year for me. And happened to fall on a Sunday this year. Every sunday morning I always go to church. So after coming home this morning at 2:30 AM i only had 5 hours of sleep before waking up. I'm so tired.